More Accuracy with Keys


Drawing With the Line Tool

  • Click on point A.
  • Click on point B to draw the line.

  • Click on point C.
  • To draw at an angle, press Shift.
  • When point D is clicked, the line is drawn.

For accuracy, draw with the arrow keys.
  • Use them to position the cursor on point C.
  • Press Enter
  • Use them to move to point D.
  • When Enter is pressed, the line is drawn.

More Info

  • When drawing with the mouse, lines are adjusted to plumb or level unless Shift is pressed.

  • When drawing with the keyboard, the keys in the number pad move a fixed distance.
    This distance can be adjusted with the Plus and Minus keys.
    The separate arrow keys always move one pixel on each click.

  • A line can also be drawn by dragging between two points. When the button is released at the end point, the line is drawn.