Using the Arrow Keys For Accuracy
  • Using the mouse can be fun and fast, but it doesn't lend itself to precision drawing accuracy.

  • The Numberpad keys on your keyboard can be set to move the cursor a specified distance each time they are pressed. (See help for "Speed")

  • The separate arrow keys always move the cursor the minimum distance possible at the current drawing size.

  • To accurately draw a wall at right angles to the one shown below, position the cursor near the end of the wall.
  • To position the cursor accurately, use the arrow keys in the number pad to move a user defined distance on each press.
  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move one pixel at a time.
  • When the cursor is correctly positioned, press Enter to begin drawing.
  • Horz, Vert, Length, and Angle as shown above in the odometers at the left end of the Status bar are reset to zero.
  • Press the up-arrow key in the number pad repeatedly.
  • Track the distance moved by watching the odometers at the left end of the Status bar.
  • Vert: 6' 0" (in red letters) indicates the wall thus far is 6 feet long.
  • To continue drawing to 6' 4" use the up-arrow key on the keyboard.
  • When the length is correct, press Enter to end drawing.

More Info
  • The distance moved when the arrow keys in the number pad are used, can be adjusted with Plus and Minus.

  • To draw at a 45 degree angle, use the 1, 3, 7, or 9 keys.