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Easy To Learn And Easy To Use!

Within minutes of installing Easy Plan Pro, you can begin making drawings. While this little demo is not interactive, we hope it gives you a feeling of just how easy it is to learn and to use this program.


Wall tool

Draw a wall

To draw a wall . . .

  • Click on the Wall tool button.

  • Click on point A.
  • When you click on point B, the wall is drawn.


Window toolTo add a window . . .

  • Click on the Window tool button.

  • Click on point A below.
  • When you click on point B, the window is inserted.

Other walls and a window


Door toolTo add a door . . .

  • Click on the Door tool button.

  • Click on point A, the hinged edge of the door.
  • Click on point B, the edge that latches.
  • Move off the door in the direction it is to open.
  • When you click a point C, the door is inserted with dimensions.

Another window and a door


To insert a dimension . . .

  • Click on the Dim tool button.

  • Click on point A.
  • When you click on point B, the dimension is inserted.

Interior walls can be added. And all manner of detail, including cabinetry. Select from hundreds of pre-drawn figures to represent furniture, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and so forth. Further, save parts of what you draw for use later or in other drawings.

Elevations can be drawn
with equal ease.

Siding patternOne way to begin is to click on the Framing tool.

  • Select a framing or siding pattern.

  • Click on point A.
  • When you click on point B, the elevation is drawn, with siding in this case.

An elevationg with siding


To add a foundation, click on the Fill tool.

  • Select from fill patterns available.

  • Click in turn on A, B, C, and D to outline an area.
  • When you click again on point D, the area is filled with the pattern selected.

Adding a window


FiguresTo insert a window, click on the Figures tool.

  • When a selection is made, the image is placed in the work area as shown below at point A.

Window in place

  • Drag the window to point B and click to insert it into the drawing.

Another window and add a door

  • Again using the Figures tool, another window and a door have been added below.

There are a host of options not shown above, but we hope this gives you something of the feel of the program. Elevations for all sides of the plan can be drawn. And the roof. Framing details are a snap. You can even add figures of plantings, the beginnings of your landscaping plan.

Easy Plan Pro is remarkably easy to learn and to use. Download your copy right now and see for yourself.

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